McDonough County Assessor's Office

The duties of the Supervisor of Assessments is to keep assessment information, enter sales information, do splits and combination of property, keep aerial maps updated, administer exemptions, process address changes, accept appeals for the Board of Review, and submit assessment information to the Department of Revenue.


Township Assessor Meeting

The Supervisor of Assessments Office will hold the annual assessor meeting January 9th, 2023. The meeting will be held in the County Assessor’s office on the 1st floor of the Courthouse at 9:00a.m. This meeting is open to the public and its purpose is to assist the assessors in uniformity of their duties. If you have any questions concerning this information, please contact the Supervisor of Assessments Office. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 4 p.m. or phone 309-833-5305.

Deborah Cousins, CIAO
Chief County Assessing Officer

Available Exemptions

Board of Review Rules


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Township Assessors

Supervisor of Assessments
Deborah Cousins
#1 Courthouse Square
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone: (309)833-5305
Fax: (309)833-4022

Chief Deputy - Heather Camp
Deputy - Katie Snyder
GIS Tech - Shaun Ellis